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Interpretation of dream: People

When we begin to work spiritually with ourselves, there is a gargantuan tore of knowledge that can be worked on, and with, to enhance our lives. By and large it can be accepted that dream characters are aspects of ourselves and that the dream is first and foremost about us. It often helps, therefore, to view the dream through not just our own eyes but as though we are experiencing it as our dream character. The interaction that takes place between us and our dream character is an attempt either to understand that aspect of ourselves or to achieve some kind of integration with it in order to have a wider perspective on life. As such integration progresses we achieve a wholeness and awareness, which enable us to work in a more spiritual focused fashion. In order to disentangle the various types of ?information? that each character brings to the dreamer, it is often necessary to decide what or who each one makes us think of. That way we will reveal the deeper meanings and connections. Some of the following entries can also be found in the individual letters and we suggest that you consult these entries for extra information. Where archetypes such as the Anima, Animus, Great Mother, Shadow, Self and Wise Old Man are referred to, please consult the relevant section in the Introduction.