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Interpretation of dream: Pen

The ability to transcribe and translate spiritual knowledge into recognizable images and to keep a record of that information is a necessary part of personal development. Such records and especially the ability to keep a journal are an invaluable part of dream recording. Dreaming of a pen or pencil may also suggest that we could attempt automatic or inspired writing. We all have an ability to learn but need to have some way of transmitting our learning to other people. A pen would suggest the learning would be more permanent than a pencil. Learning through dreams is an increasing part of modern day understanding of the psyche. If a pen or pencil appears in a dream we are expressing or recognizing the need to communicate with other people. If the pen will not work we do not understand information we have been given. If we cannot find a tool to write with we do not have enough information to proceed with an aspect of our lives. You may also wish to consult the entries for Ink, Inspire, Paper/Parchment and Writing.