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Interpretation of dream: Path

A path in a dream can indicate the direction that we should take spiritually. The idea that there is a path in life resonates with Chinese thought, which calls the Tao ?The Way?. In some schools of thought the left hand path represents evil or black magic. Often a path can represent the way we feel a relationship or situation is developing. It can also suggest a way of following up a concept or line of enquiry. A pavement introduces the idea that the path is already prepared for us. A path in a dream signifies the direction we have decided to take in life. The type of path, e.g. whether it is smooth or rocky, meandering or straight, may be just as important as the path itself. In waking life, it is often the way a clairvoyant ?sees? the way in which the enquirer's life is changing. Also consult the entries for Journey, Line, Meander and Rock.