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Interpretation of dream: Party

When a group celebrates a belief, which can be spiritual, it is an occasion for a party or festival. The joining up of several people enhances the atmosphere and creates additional power. The human being often has need of celebration in his or her life. To be attending a party such as a dinner party or other specific purpose in a dream can indicate our need for celebration, for joining with other people to create a potentially happy atmosphere. When we find we are attending a party in a dream, we are often alerted to our social skills or lack of them. In waking life we may be shy and dislike such gatherings, but in dreams if we are coping with the groups involved, we have a greater awareness of our own ability to belong and to take enjoyment from that. To belong to a political party would indicate that we are prepared to stand up for our beliefs, that we have made a commitment to a particular way of life.