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Interpretation of dream: Parcel

Parcels and packages can suggest latent potential gifts, skills and talents They can equally suggest opportunities offered from a spiritual perspective. Parcels and packages in dreams can also represent the gifts and assistance that we receive from others. Whether we are directly receiving the parcel from the person concerned or whether we are simply aware who the donor is is worth noting. It is something that we can receive with joy. The wrapping may also be important, brown paper being more utilitarian than a more festive kind. When we receive a parcel in a dream, we are being made aware of something we have experienced but not explored. At this stage, we do not quite know what the potential of the ?gift? is, but by exploration can find this out. If the address is wrong or we discover that the parcel is not for us we have probably some doubts about our own abilities. When we are sending a parcel or package we are sending our energy out into the world. Consult the entries for Paper and People for further clarification.