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Interpretation of dream: Pair

The use of pairs in dreams is drawing attention to the idea of duality. We are trying to achieve a balance between the spiritual and material realms. A dream clarifying the masculine side of ourselves may be followed by a dream clarifying the feminine. The juggling that goes on in this way can take place over a period of time. Often in dream interpretation looking at the opposite meaning to the obvious can give us greater insight into our mental processes. The unconscious mind appears to sort information by comparing and contrasting. Particularly when we are aware of conflict within ourselves, we may dream in pairs (e.g. old/young, masculine/feminine, clever/stupid). It is almost as though there is some kind of internal pendulum, which eventually sorts out the opposites into a unified whole. It is quite natural for us to seek partnership, and in dreams both men and women will dream of duality as a way of sorting out emotional and spiritual complementary aspects. You might like to consult the entries for Numbers and Partner/Partnerships for further clarification.