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Interpretation of dream: Paint

Often we do not recognize our own creative ability and thus the potential we have to be in touch with the spiritual dimension. We each have the capability of ?reflecting? the Divine. This allows us to live mindfully with awareness. Because painting has such a lot to do with self-expression, the way that we are painting in a dream may be important. If, for instance, we are painting miniatures we may need to concentrate on detail. If we are painting large pictures we may need to adopt a more global perspective. Colour in a painting is also important, as is the subject. We may not actually have the ability to paint successfully in everyday life, but such a dream may alert us to other talents we have not realized we possess. To be looking at paintings in dreams indicates that we are questioning or paying attention to different ideas and concepts. Painting as in decorating suggests we are making recognizable changes in how we think and feel. A picture that we ourselves have painted might have more emotional impact than an Old Master an Old Master can also suggest our attitude to the past. You might also like to consult the entries for Colour and Decorate/Decoration.