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Interpretation of dream: Page

The symbolism of a Book of Life in which our lives are recorded for assessment is a strong image in spiritual work. It might be said that we have our own special page. A blank page suggests a fresh start in our emotional make-up. We have no given course of action and the freedom to begin again. A page that we cannot read suggests that guidelines are available but have not yet become apparent. Manuals and procedures are an integral part of today's world, so being unable to find the right page in such a booklet suggests there may be a problem with how to complete a task in a working environment. The page being missing suggests we have not been given the correct information in the first place. Such dreams can be categorized as anxiety dreams. There is a supplementary meaning of page, which can surface in dreams. In medieval times the page was the youth preparing to be a knight, hence the immature male. This image occurs in both men's and women's dreams as an archetype. You might like to consult the section on Archetypes in the Introduction and also the entries for Book and Paper/Parchment.