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Interpretation of dream: Pagan

From a spiritual perspective a pagan is one who does not belong to a major religion, but believes in all gods. However, in dreams such a figure is likely to suggest someone who worships, and is in touch with, the forces of nature. In returning to basic beliefs about the world in which we live we can reveal our pagan side, in its true meaning. This part reacts and responds to natural forces. This tends to happen when we begin a journey of self-exploration. When a work or personal situation contains elements that we have difficulty understanding, this may be symbolized by the appearance of a pagan type of figure. Intrinsic in this is the idea of going back to very simple beliefs. For many people the concept of paganism is of a somewhat chaotic freedom oriented religion, which deals with the balance of masculine and feminine. For this reason, both men's and women's dreams will reflect whatever rebalancing is required. Dreaming of the various Gods and Goddesses, for instance, highlights those qualities that need to be developed. Consult the entry for God/Gods and Goddess/Goddesses for further clarification.