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Interpretation of dream: Ouija board
Ouija board

Spiritually, the ouija board was and indeed still is a rather crude way of communicating with the spirit world. In dreams, it shows we may be aware of our need to communicate with spirit, rather than have the spirit world communicate with us. We are the instigators of communication. Psychologically, we all need some way of making contact with the unconscious side of ourselves. To dream of the ouija board alerts us to different ways of accessing the unconscious. It may be a symbol for all we have suppressed and refused to recognize. The use of the ouija board holds within it certain inherent dangers. Dreaming of one may simply be a way that the psyche has of alerting us to further exploration of those things we do not understand. To be playing with the ouija board in dreams as well as in waking life denotes being prepared to take certain risks, particularly with our own peace of mind. When the ouija board seems frightening we are touching in on our deep fear of the unknown.