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Interpretation of dream: Organ

In theory, perfect health of mind and body would be possible provided we understood the workings of the physical body how the organs inter-relate. Spiritually, if through dreams we can become aware of what perfect is, then self-healing ensures proper working of the organs. A musical organ has a richness of sound that is capable of changing a person's consciousness, so in dreams will tend to highlight or heighten our views and feelings about union with the Divine. In Chinese medicine, the different organs of the body represent different qualities. For instance, the gall bladder deals with the ability to make decisions, while the liver is the seat of irritability. In dreams, therefore, being conscious of a bodily organ would require us to be aware of what is bothering us and learning how to deal with it in an appropriate manner in waking life.The various organs of the body can represent the different aspects of the self. In dreams they can signify diverse weaknesses and strengths. A musical organ, having many systems to produce sound, often symbolizes the bodily organs. Anything that is organic is characterized by a natural arrangement of parts, so in dreams comes to mean anything that is natural rather than manufactured. To dream we are growing food that is organic suggests we need to pay attention to the quality of our lives.