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Interpretation of dream: Oracle

An oracle is a divine pronouncement and, therefore, suggests Hidden Knowledge. Prediction and foretelling both work on the assumption that the person concerned has received knowledge prior to the event. The need to know is very strong and the assumption is that an oracle in this case an actual person has more information than we do. Often that information has to be unscrambled, since particularly in dreams, it is presented in odd ways. Sometimes it cannot be made sense of until such time as we have considered it in waking life, taking into consideration our own personal circumstances. Most of us like to know what is going to happen to us and also like to be told what to do, so dreaming of an oracle links us with that part of ourselves that knows what our next moves are. Often an oracle can appear as a person, for instance as a goddess or wise old man, or we can dream that we are using one of the many systems of prediction that are available in everyday life.