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Interpretation of dream: Operation

An operation is a carefully planned procedure, whether that is a military or surgical one. Spiritually, therefore, it represents incisive healing, or the restoration of equilibrium. An operation in dreams can, therefore, highlight the need for healing of the spirit, the eradication of ?dis-ease?. If we are performing an operation we are recognizing our own level of skill within a situation in waking life. If the operation is being performed on us we are attempting to access some inner knowledge but are possibly fearful of the outcome. Modern surgical methods are less invasive than early surgery and when these appear in dreams will suggest more subtle ways of managing distress. An operation in hospital is usually frightening and invasive. In dreams it can signify our awareness of our own fears of illness and pain, but also a recognition of our need to be healed on some level. A military operation signifies the need for careful planning and management and the establishing of order. Also consult the entries for Heal/Healing, Hospital, Surgery, Waiting and War.