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Interpretation of dream: Obelisk

An obelisk is often representative of a Sacred Stone, a marker outlining a particular area such as a sacred space, helping us to be clear regarding our spiritual beliefs or marking a particularly sacredarea within which it is safe to practise our spiritual beliefs. An obelisk is a man-made needle-shaped stone, larger at the bottom than the top. It is usually taken today to indicate old instinctive knowledge man reaching for the unknown. In dreams it suggests just that. Any carved stone appearing in a dream suggests we are considering how we have shaped our own basic nature. The simpler it is, the more room we have for improvement; the more ornate it is, the more successful we are at using our creative energy. Because of its shape, the obelisk obviously has phallic connotations. In both men's and women's dreams it may also represent a hard unforgiving ?core? within the personality. Also consult the entries for Needle and Stone.