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Interpretation of dream: Oar

An oar, being a tool that both propels us forward and allows us to move in a particular direction, signifies a spiritual guiding principle. To ?put our oar in? indicates our ability to interfere with other people's lives. To lose an oar indicates the loss of an ability we have formerly valued. The oar is a tool that enables a boat to move forward successfully, but its use requires some skill. Thus it stands for our own set of personal skills. We have certain skills that help us to ?navigate? our lives. In dreams, a woman is more likely to be passive when an oar is used. If he is using the oars she is in control of any final decision. In a man's dream, since rowing faces away from the direction of travel, he must perhaps trust his own judgement. You might like to consult the entries for Boat/Ship, Journey and Transport for further clarification.