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Interpretation of dream: Nymphs

Nymphs are Earth spirits that deal with pure energy. Their charm is their youthfulness, beauty and vitality. Their significance spiritually is that they epitomize most of the feminine qualities in their purest states. Psychologically the nymph most clearly has associations with the princess. She is the carefree, fun-loving aspect of energy that glories in movement and light. As pure energy, when we work with dreams, the nymph allows us the opportunity to connect to the qualities of purity and grace. Nymphs are personifications of feminine universal productivity. They have an innocent and carefree energy, which is naive and clear. They tend to be guardians of sacred spaces such as woods, mountains and lakes, and often manifest in dreams as such. In dreams nymphs are connected with a woman's sense of beauty and her own femininity. Each group of nymphs has their own particular role and guardianship of specific areas, such as forests and lakes, woods and valleys, mountains and grottoes, which has a certain resonance with different aspects of our personality. In a man's dream nymphs will often represent a perception of innocence. Also consult the entry for Fairy as well as the information on Princess in Archetypes the Introduction and in the People entry.