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Interpretation of dream: Numbers

When numbers are drawn to our attention in dreams they can have either a personal or a symbolic significance. Often a number will appear that has personal meaning, such as a particular date, or the number of a house we have lived in. Our minds will often retain the significance of the number even though we do not necessarily consciously remember it ourselves. Spiritually, as we progress we put ourselves in a position to make the best use of the vibratory effect of numbers. It has long been accepted that by combining numbers in certain ways, influence can be brought to bear on our environment. The more esoteric interpretations are: One- oneself, the Beginning, the first, Unity. Two- duality, indecision, balance, male vs. female, two sides to an argument, opposites. Three- the Trinity, freedom. Four- the square, strength, stability practicality, the earth, reality, the four sides of human nature: sensation, feeling, thought, intuition. The Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Five- the human body, humanconsciousness in the body, the five senses. Six- harmony or balance. Seven- cycles of life, magical, spiritual meaning; human wholeness. Eight- death and resurrection, Infinity. Nine- pregnancy, the end of any cycle and the start of something new, spiritual awareness. _Ten _new beginnings, the male and female together. _Eleven_eleventh hour, the Master Number._Twelve_Time, a full cycle or wholeness. -Zero- the Feminine, the Great Mother, the Unconscious, the Absolute or hidden completeness. Symbolically, numbers have some kind of significance in all systems of belief and religions. Below are the most often found meanings; the positive qualities are given first, followed by the more negative: One- independence, self-respect, resolve, singleness of purpose. Intolerance, conceit, narrow-mindedness, degradation, stubbornness. Two- placidity, integrity, unselfishness, gregariousness, harmony. Indecision, indifference, lack of responsibility, bloody-mindedness. Three- freedom, bravery, fun, enthusiasm, brilliance. Listlessness, overconfidence, impatience, lackadaisical behaviour. Four- loyalty, stolidity, practicality, honesty. Clumsiness, dullness, conservatism, inability to adapt. Five- adventurousness, vivaciousness, courage, health, susceptibility, sympathy. Rashness, irresponsibility, inconstancy, unreliability, thoughtlessness. Six- idealism, selflessness,honesty, charitableness, faithfulness, responsibility. Superiority, softness, impracticality, submission. Seven- wisdom, discernment, philosophy, fortitude, depth, contemplation. Morbidity, hypercriticism, lack of action, unsociability. Eight- practicality, power, business ability, decision, control, constancy. Unimaginativeness, bluntness, self-sufficiency, domination. Nine- intelligence, discretion, artistry, understanding, brilliance, lofty moral sense, genius. Dreaminess, lethargy, lack of concentration, aimlessness. Many people do not realize that numbers can be extremely significant in everyday life. A knowledge of numbers will enhance your ability to interpret your dreams successfully.