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Interpretation of dream: Nude

Nudity often suggests a new beginning, a rebirth, stripping away the nonessential. It is the paradise state and the state of natural innocence we all, at one time, had. It can also represent renunciation of the material world. Nudity signifies innocence. It may be that there is a situation in our lives that requires honesty and truth. If we are sufficiently secure within our own self-image, we will not be afraid of being ?stripped? in public. Dreaming of appearing nude, for instance in a strip show, could suggest we have anxiety about being misunderstood. Freud assumed that dreaming of being nude was linked with sexuality. It is, however, more to do with self-image. We have a desire to be seen for what we are, to reveal our essential personality without having to create a facade. To interpret a dream of walking down a street naked will depend on whether we are seen by other people or not. If we are seen by others, there may be something about ourselves that we wish to reveal. If we are alone we may simply have a wish for freedom of expression For both men and women, returning to a sense of innocent pleasure and appreciation of the human body can be perceived in dreams as nudity. If in dreaming of someone of the opposite sex they are naked but we are not, they may be more vulnerable than we are.