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Interpretation of dream: Nourishment

The symbolism of nourishing the soul and conferring immortality all belong to the nurturing function of the Mother Goddess. All symbols of containment (the vessel, cup, cauldron, bowl etc.) are symbols of nurturing and femininity. Food-producing animals are also associated with the nourishing aspects of the mother and, therefore, of Mother Earth. In dreams, all symbols of nourishment are associated with basic needs. Firstly, we require warmth and comfort; secondly, shelter and sustenance. Initially we experience this as coming from mother. Any dream in which we become aware of our needs then has an impact on our relationship with mother. If our need for nourishment and nurturing is not met we experience rejection and hurt. In dreams these things become interchangeable. Nourishing and nurturing are such intrinsically feminine functions that any dream containing such images are to do with survival. For a woman, nurturing is perhaps more physical in feeling, whereas for a man, his focus will be on growth to maturity. You might also like to consult the entries for Food and Fruit.