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Interpretation of dream: Niche

The niche in most religions is consecrated so that it itself is a fit place to contain the Divine. It then symbolizes the holiness and special powers relevant to the particular deity. If an icon is placedwithin the niche, then the god or goddess is there also. In new situations we have a need to understand the world we are entering. Often our dream scenarios can open up possibilities by showing us what niche we need to find for ourselves. Not only must we find the space where we belong but we must also know which external factors are going to help us and which will hinder. Dream images connected with the niche will give us such information. Everyone has a basic need to belong and often we are conscious in dreams of finding our particular place. It manifests itself in dreams as a place where we are protected on all sides except from the front. It has been suggested that this is a return to the childhood state prior to the age of four, when the child begins to realize that he is vulnerable from the rear. A niche is, therefore, our ?spot the place where we are safe. Consult the entries for Icon and God/Gods for further information.