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Interpretation of dream: Net

A network, like a spider's web, symbolizes relationships unlimited in their scope. Women are often more able to create a network of ?sisters? through the use of intuition, and often will symbolize this in their dreams as a tangible bonding. In modern day technological parlance a network particularly the internet suggests a number of people working or playing together with a common aim A net in dreams usually indicates that we are feeling trapped and entangled in a scheme or situation. A network, on the other hand, may be more supportive. In a woman's dream she will be aware of her own seductive power, whereas in a man's dream he will be conscious of his fear of women. As old crafts die out, the physical act of netting as the old fisherwomen did has less relevance. In olden times it was said that a witch could catch the wind in a net. Also consult the entry for Web.