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Interpretation of dream: Needle

The needle can often suggest masculine sexuality, but also the type of penetrating insight that changes our view of life. A sewing needle will suggest spiritual repair, a knitting needle may suggest creativity and a hypodermic healing, or sometimes self-harm. The ability to have some penetrating insights about our own state of being can help us to cope with everyday life. It will depend if the needles are being used by us or on us in dreams. By us suggests that we have a need for others to share our viewpoint; on us suggests that we must internalize some kind of knowledge, unpleasant or otherwise, before matters improve. In dreams hypodermic needles suggest irritations, but can also signify the power to heal through penetration. A concept or knowledge has to be introduced from the outside, which may hurt, but will ultimately improve our wellbeing. In a woman's dream using needles will probably require assessment of her more creative aspects, whereas for a man the assessment will be of his softer skills such as communication, listening and negotiation. Consult the entries for Inject/Injection and Syringe for further information.