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Interpretation of dream: Navel

The navel or solar plexus is the point of connection between the spiritual and the physical. It is our emotional centre and also, as adults, initially the seat of our inherent power. Any distress in this area in dreams signifies an imbalance of energy. The navel in a dream can signify our dependency on others, particularly our mother. Often in nightmares we become conscious of something, perhaps a Devil or Demon sitting on our navel, and this can be a personification of our own fears. To be conscious of the navel, or more subtly the solar plexus whether our own or another's is to be aware of the way in which we connect our inner-self with the rest of the outside world. It is through the umbilical cord that a baby in the womb first becomes aware of its physicality. Also consult the entries for Demon, Devil and Umbilical Cord for further information.