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Interpretation of dream: Murder

Murder suggests willful destruction of another life. Spiritually we need to understand what has taken us in dreams to the extreme position of trying to kill. To be angry enough to kill suggests that we are still holding some kind of childhood anger, since it is quite natural for a child to wish somebody dead. If we are trying to murder somebody else in a dream, we first need to understand what that person epresents to us before recognizing the violence of our own feelings. To dream of a murderer suggests that we are conscious of violence around us. We may be denying, or trying to control, a part of our own nature that we do not trust. We may also have feelings about other people, which can only be safely expressed in dreams. If we ourselves are being murdered, a part of our lives is completely out of balance and we are being destroyed by external circumstances. Consult the entries for Anger, Emotions and Kill for further clarification.