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Interpretation of dream: Monk

In dreams, as someone who has dedicated himself to his God or Ultimate Power, a monk represents spirituality, obedience and discipline. In his devotion to the mystical life, the monk in dreams symbolizes an emotional response to a vocation, perhaps to a life of ascetism. He symbolizes holiness and no matter what religion that part of us that searches for the divine. He can have the same significance as the hermit or wanderer. As a shadowy representation of the part of us that prefers to exist in isolation, the monk can appear in dreams when our self-belief is under threat. When he is cowled or hooded he signifies hidden information, but with his face uncovered he represents Truth. In a man's dream a monk can signify the need or wish for celibacy. In a woman's dream he may be a representation of the Animus. ?onsult the entries for Ascetic, Hermit, Mystic and Wanderer/Wandering for further information.