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Interpretation of dream: Milk

One of the theories of Creation is that a celestial milk was stirred in order to create form. Milk in this context becomes a symbol for Creation and Chaos. As a nourishing food milk represents nurturing and, therefore by association, the qualities of mothering. It may also suggest the faculty of intuition. Milk in a practical sense in dreams can represent the flow of creativity. It can also suggest a requirement for simplicity and a return to basic ideas and knowledge. Milk that has gone sour indicates there is a problem in the completion of a project. As a symbol associated with the Great Mother, in a woman's dream milk can symbolize her own femininity, ability to nurture and her intuition. In a man's dream, it is more likely to represent his need to be cosseted and cared for, though it can also signify the flow of ideas and concepts. Consult the entries for Chaos, Food and Great Mother in Archetypes in the Introduction for further clarification.