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Interpretation of dream: Medium

Mediumistic aspects in a dream can represent our wish to be in contact with the dead. This does not necessarily have to be dead in literal terms, it can merely be what is ?dead? in our life, that which we may wish to resurrect. During spiritual development, our perceptions widen from the ordinary everyday to other aspects and dimensions of knowledge that have become available to us. Whether these are aspectsof our own personality or of the spirit realm is immaterial, since ultimately their function is to help us progress. The spiritual self has access to the Collective Unconscious in its entirety. To dream ofbeing mediumistic would indicate that we are aware of greater powers than we believe we have in ordinary everyday life. When spirits appear in dreams, their function may be to help us through various states of transition. While we cope with everyday fears, there are many unconscious memories and feelings, which can surface unexpectedly. When we are conscious of a kindly or helpful spirit we are aware that we can move on. When we see the spirits of dead people we usually need reassurance. Dreaming of visiting a medium very often means that we are looking for some kind of contact with our own unconscious, or with the dead. We may also be attempting to alert our own intuition and use it differently to a way we have done previously. At a very basic level, we all have fears and feelings about death, and the actual appearance in dreams of spiritual entities can help us to come to terms with these. You might like to consult the entry for Dead People.