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Interpretation of dream: Medication

The spiritual need for a healing influence in our lives is indicated by medicine appearing. It may be symbolic of spiritual healing or of the need to potentize (make more powerful) any medicine we have to take so that it can work to our best advantage. When in waking life we need medication and either cannot take it, or have difficulty in obtaining it, our dreams will often present a way or the courage to overcome the difficulty in waking life. Sometimes an experience that we have in waking life can be unpleasant in the immediate moment, but ultimately is good for us. In dreams, medicine can stand as such a symbol. To be taking medicine in a dream suggests that on some level we are aware of part of ourselves, possibly our self-image, that needs healing. Often we are aware of what the medicine is for and are thus alerted either to a potential health problem, or to a situation that can be changed from the negative to the positive. You might also like to consult the entries for Doctor, Drugs, Hospital, Nurse/Nursing and Tablet.