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Interpretation of dream: Meander

It was Jung who recognized that dreams appear to meander (wander) all over the place, and it is only by perceiving the overall spiritual picture that we can make sense of them. The Spiritual Spiral is a concept whereby physical manifestation takes place, moving very quickly from the spiritual to the physical realms. In dreams this can often be perceived as a slow-motion meandering. We should look at whether it is a downward spiral, an aimless wandering or a purposeful if indirect exploration. Water moves in its own way, and often to be conscious of a river or a road meandering around us indicates that we should be more aware of our own emotions, that we are capable of dealing with these emotions in a much gentler way than by being very direct. This may also refer to our relationship with other people. It could be that we need to recognize that other people cannot be as straightforward as we are. In a dream, to have a path or the road in front of you meandering that is, not going in any particular direction suggests that we very often have to ?go with the flow?, to simply follow what happens without actually thinking of the direction in which we are going. Sometimes the meandering has a kind of purpose, in that by wandering about in an apparently aimless fashion we are learning to live in the moment and understand our own reactions and responses to the outside world. You might also like to consult the entries for Journey, Path, Wander/Wandering and Water.