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Interpretation of dream: Maze

A maze is a path of initiation into divine knowledge. It also represents the feminine, and in its twists and turns signifies at one and the same time confusion and innate wisdom. Psychologically, the maze may represent the variety of opinions and authoritative beliefs that we come up against in our ordinary, everyday world. We may be trying to find our own way through this mass of detail and we picture this in a dream as actually trying to find our way through a maze. A maze often represents a confusion of ideas and feelings. There are conflicting urges and opinions and we often discover that, in attempting to find our way through the maze, we have learnt something about our own courage, our own ability to meet problems. Often there is the apparently irrational fear and doubt that arises from not being able to find our way in and out of the maze. This can allow us to release feelings of self-doubt and fear. Also consult the entries for Initiation and Labyrinth.