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Interpretation of dream: Maypole

The maypole in a spiritual sense is a representation of the phallic, of masculine spirituality and of life-giving energy. Psychologically, festivals, celebrations and occasions for ceremony are necessary for the human being to be at ease with himself. Often the maypole may be one such symbol of celebration, of new life. It may also represent time in a dream and the way in which a dream indicates the type of timing that is necessary within certain situations. A maypole in a dream can very often represent the masculine and may indicate the ?dance? that we go through when coming to terms with our ownuniverse. It is the central pole of the world that we create for ourselves; thus to dream of a maypole may have sexual connotations, but also may indicate the way in which we handle our own lives. As a symbol of fertility, the maypole can appear in a woman's dream as a promise of things to come. In a man's dream it may well mark the taking on of responsibility. In former times, relationships begun on Mayday, when the maypole dances took place, lasted for a year and a day, thus honouring the goddess of fertility.