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Interpretation of dream: Mask

In primitive Shamanistic societies, to wear an animal mask gave the wearer the powers of that animal. If we dream of wearing such a mask, we may need to consider that animal's qualities and how they can be, or are, applied in our waking lives. The Death Mask, either our own or another's, can appear in dreams as a signal that it is time to put an end to a spiritual game we are playing. When we are trying to protect ourselves and prevent other people knowing what we are thinking or feeling, we ?mask? ourselves. A mask appearing in a dream can, therefore, represent concealment, perhaps of emotion, perhaps of finer feelings. Most people have a facade they put on for others, particularly at a first meeting. To dream of a mask often alerts us to either our own or other people's facade. When we are not being true to ourselves we can often experience this in dreams as a ?negative? or frightening mask. You might also like to consult the entries for Animals and Shaman.