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Interpretation of dream: Marsh

A marsh being a mixture of earth and water suggests spiritual and emotional conflict. Water symbolizes emotion and earth symbolizes security, so an excess of emotion is not allowing us to feel at ease. Dreaming of marshy ground very often represents difficulty on an emotional level. Our emotions are clouded by practical concerns. Perhaps we are creating emotional difficulties for ourselves or even having them created for us which make it difficult for us to feel secure. When we dream of a marsh or a swamp, it can indicate that we are feeling ?bogged down?. We feel that we are being held back in something we want to do, and perhaps we lack either the self-confidence or emotional support that we need to move forward. A marsh or a swamp can also indicate that we are being swamped by circumstances, being trapped in some way by the events round us. Also consult the entries for Mud, Earth/Earthquake, Swamp and Water.