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Interpretation of dream: Marriage

Spiritually there is a process of integration that needs to come about. This is usually known as a Mystic Union or mystic marriage. Here the physical and spiritual sides need to harmonize and when they do we are suffused by a sense of bliss. The sense of rightness is sometimes felt first in dreams. Firstly the masculine and feminine sides (drive and receptivity) of our personality need to unite, then emotions are allowed to settle. In dreams this can manifest as a sense of peace. On a more mundane level, as these processes of integration are taking place we will often dream of marriage. In previous times, the sexual act was seen as symbolizing the union of the sacred and the secular. The concept of the sacred marriage or sacred love ceremony originated with the ancients, who enacted annual ceremonies to bring fertility and prosperity, signifying commitment. Today dreams of marriage have that symbolism of dedication to someone else. As an actual wedding ceremony tends to become less important but commitment is, both men and women may dream of an act of commitment, a proposal or making a vow when they feel secure within a relationship. Dreaming of monogamy highlights this commitment. You might like to consult the entries for Propose/Proposal, Vow and Wedding/ Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring.