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Interpretation of dream: Map

A map can obviously help us in our quest to find the spiritual way forward. It is worth remembering that though others can read the map for us, ultimately we must make the journey ourselves and, therefore, we are our own guides. When we first set out on the journey of discovery that makes us grow into capable human beings, we often need clarification of the way that we must undertake the journey. In dreams this often appears as a map, whether this is an old-fashioned map denoting perhaps out-of-date information, or a computer-generated one symbolizing that others have made the same journey. The direction we are being shown to take is important: i.e. forwards, backwards, left or right and we are often helped by the idea of having a course to follow. For a map to appear in a dream often indicates the clarification of the direction we should be taking in life. We may feel that we are lost and need something to indicate the way forward, particularly so far as ambition or motivation is concerned. A map that has already been used by other people would, therefore, indicate that we are capable of taking a direction and learning from those people. Consult the entry for Position for further clarification.