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Interpretation of dream: Make-up

Spiritually, we must be aware of the way we are ?made-up? (constructed) and must be conscious of the facade we present to other people. In dreams we can become conscious of that facade and whether it differs greatly from the person we feel ourselves to be. To be dealing with make-up means that we have a choice as to the sort of person we want to be. We can choose our outward appearance and can create an impression that perhaps is different from the one we naturally make use of. To make-up, in the sense of bringing about a reconciliation, in our dreams suggests that we need to allow positive emotion to flow more fully. Make-up indicates our ability to change the impression we make on others. If we are making ourselves up it can very often indicate a happy occasion. We need to put on a facade for people we may even need to put on a facade for ourselves so that we feel better about our own self-image. If we are making someone else up, then often we are helping them to create a false or perhaps better impression. You might also like to consult the entry for Cosmetics.