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Interpretation of dream: Magic

Magic and the use of powers beyond ourselves has always had an appeal. Classified as any extraordinary or mystical (beyond oneself ) influence, charm, or power, in dreams this power can seem more easily accessible than at other times. Psychologically, when there is magic in a dream it indicates our ability to link with our own deepest powers. Initially, they can be the powers of sexuality, the powers of control, or of power over our surroundings. By learning, often through dreams, to control our emotions and channel them properly we are able to access energy beyond our own little world and use it to improve our own, or others?, lives. When we are using magic both in dreams and in everyday life, we are using our energy to accomplish something without effort or difficulty. We are capable of controlling the situation that we are in, to have things happen for us and to create from our own needs and wants. The figure of a magician appearing in a dream signifies the arrival of a wise guardian and counsellor, whether that is from an internal perspective or in everyday life. You might also like to consult the entries for Mystic, Witch and Wizard.