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Interpretation of dream: Maggots

Maggots in dreams may reflect our own fears about death and illness. No-one likes the idea of the physical body being consumed by maggots, although, in fact, the spiritual does remain whole. Though the old use of maggots to cleanse wounds is receiving attention today, maggots can represent impurities in the body. They also link with the sense of being eaten up from the inside by something such as an idea, feeling or emotion that is alien to us and can, therefore, overtake and overcome us. Maggots appearing in dreams in their correct context can represent the feelings we have about death. If a fisherman was using maggots we would be referring to power and energy, but if someone else was using maggots, their use of nastiness might be in question. Consult the entry for Death, Dead People and Ill/Illness for further clarification.