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Interpretation of dream: Luggage

Spiritually, if we are to travel ?light? we must often find a way of unburdening ourselves. Luggage in a dream, particularly as luggage on wheels becomes more available, can help us to envisage this. When luggage appears as a symbol in our dreams we should perhaps look at whether it is ours or someone else's. If ours, it signifies those views, attitudes and behaviours that we have brought through from the past. If it is someone else's, then we may be looking at family or global concepts that no longer are useful to us. Luggage in a dream can be slightly different to baggage in that luggage will symbolizewhat we feel is necessary to have us go forward. It can be those habits and emotions that have helped us in the past, but which can now be reappraised before being ?repacked? for more efficient use. As more people travel on business, luggage in both men's and women's dreams can signify work problems or information needed in that environment. Consult the entry for Baggage for further clarification.