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Interpretation of dream: Lily

Spiritually, lilies are a symbol of resurrection and of everlasting life. They are often used in religious ceremony to denote this and are a symbol of the Virgin Mary. One symbol of lilies is that of purity and, particularly in a teenager's dream, lilies can suggest virginity. Lilies in dreams, other than the white funerary arum lily, can also suggest aspects of femininity. Because of their connection with funerals, for some people lilies can symbolize death. They can also, however, symbolize nobility and grace, and the interpretation needs to be carefully thought out. If we are planting lilies we are hoping for a peaceful transition in some area within our lives. If we are gathering lilies, particularly in a woman's dream, we are developing a peaceful existence. In a man's dream the fleur-de-lys has a connection with heraldry representing faith, wisdom and chivalry.