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Interpretation of dream: Lifeboat

There is always risk in undertaking a difficult task. When we make mistakes or the risk is too great, spiritually we can only be ?rescued? by a greater knowledge and wisdom. Since a lifeboat requires a degree of dedication from the members of the crew, we may be alerted to the need for such selfless dedication in our lives. We may also be becoming aware of the degree of skill we require to navigate life's difficulties. Because the sea can represent deep emotion, in dreams a lifeboat may be of help in learning to handle our own emotions. Dreaming of a lifeboat could indicate that we have the feeling that we need to be rescued, possibly from our own stupidity or from circumstances beyond our control. If we are at the helm of a lifeboat we are still in control of our own lives, but are perhaps aware that we need to offer assistance to someone else. You might also like to consult the entries for Boat/Ship and Sea in Water.