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Interpretation of dream: Landscapes

Spiritually, the landscape in a dream can suggest improvements that we can make in handling our own moods and attitudes. Dream landscapes can have a bizarre quality about them in order to highnlight a particular message. For instance, there may be trees made of ice, or rocks made of sugar. The plot of the dream may be important in arriving at the correct interpretation of these symbols. The landscape in a dream can also indicate how we relate to other people. To be in a desert might represent loneliness, whereas to be in a jungle might represent a very fertile imagination. If the landscape changes between the beginning and end of the dream, we perhaps need to make corresponding changes in everyday life. The landscape in a dream can be an integral part of the interpretation. It usually mirrors feelings and concepts that we have and, therefore, reflects our personality. A rocky landscape would suggest problems, whereas a gloomy landscape might suggest pessimism and self-doubt. A recurring scene may be one where in childhood we felt safe, or may reflect a feeling or difficulty with which we have not been able to come to terms. Landscapes do tend to reflect habitual feelings rather than momentary moods. Also consult the entry for Places for further clarification.