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Interpretation of dream: Knot

The knot symbolizes spiritual continuity or connection. It suggests a pause, perhaps for contemplation or assessment. As something to hold, a knot suggests capturing a fleeting idea or concept. A simple knot seen in a dream could represent the need to take a different direction in a project. A more complex knot could indicate that we are bound to a situation by a sense of duty or guilt. Ultimately the only way to escape from such restraint is by loosening the ties in our relationship with someone else, or with a work situation. A knot is one of the most interesting symbols to appear in dreams, since it can have so many meanings. Negatively, particularly if it is seen as a tangle, it can represent an unsolvable problem or difficulty. The answer can only be ?teased out' gradually. Positively, a knot can represent the ties or bonds that we have to family, partner, friends or work. In a man's dream tying the knot is likely to have some aspect of being restrained or bound to a partner. In a woman's dream it is more likely to represent commitment. You might also like to consult the entry for Tangle.