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Interpretation of dream: Knob

Since a knob of any sort is usually used to gain access to something, spiritually it can suggest changes occurring in the way we approach our unconscious self. To be dreaming of a knob such as a doorknob can indicate some kind of turning point in our life. A noticeable contrast between the door and the knob can present the dreamer with certain insights. For instance, a very plain knob on an ornate door may indicate that the process of moving forward from a situation is very easy. The knob coming off in our hands suggests a missed opportunity. We may need to turn or change issues or conditions. When we are turning a knob we need to decide whether we are turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise. Clockwise will signify a positive move, anti-clockwise perhaps an initially more difficult one, but one which will ultimately present further opportunities. Since many people still have difficulty in calling ?private parts? by their correct name. You might also like to consult the individual entry for Door and also Door in Buildings.