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Interpretation of dream: Knight

A knight is a follower, or someone who has taken an oath of allegiance. Hence in dreams such a figure signifies initiation, in order to develop our finer spiritual qualities. Psychologically, the knight in a dream signifies the guiding principle. He is that part of ourselves that is sometimes known as the Higher Self, the spirit guiding the physical. The black knight is often seen as the embodiment of evil. It is interesting that often the white knight appears with his visor up, whereas the black knight appears with his visor down. In pragmatic terms, a project or task may require dedication and focus. Since a knight is expected to show loyalty he may appear signifying this in dreams. Being made a knight in the modern day is still considered to be something of an honour and may have this meaning in dreams. A knight appearing in a dream, particularly a woman's, can have the obvious connotation of a romantic liaison: the knight in shining armour. This actually is a manifestation of her own Animus her own inner masculine and is to do with her search for perfection. In a man's dream it indicates he may be searching for the Hero in himself. You might also like to consult the entries for Camelot, Castle, Hero/Heroine and Quest as well as the information on Hero in Archetypes in the Introduction.