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Interpretation of dream: Kiss

A single kiss (particularly on the forehead) has often had spiritual and religious undertones, and here the image symbolizes a blessing of a spiritual kind. A kiss represents tranquility, peace and harmony. We are sealing a pact perhaps coming to some sort of agreement or recognizing different ways of co-operating with others. We may also be moving towards unity and acceptance within ourselves. Being kissed indicates that we are appreciated and loved for our own qualities. When we dream about kissing someone, whether of the same gender as ourselves or not, it can suggest an acceptance of a new relationship with that person. Such an act can also signify that, on a subconscious level, we are seeking to develop a quality belonging to that other person in ourselves. For both men and women a kiss in dreams is an acknowledgement, often of aspects of our personality that we have not been able to integrate successfully. Women may choose to understand their own drive and assertiveness and men their more sensitive side.