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Interpretation of dream: Kick

A kick can be taken symbolically as a need for spiritual motivation; it may be the kick that we need in order to continue (or maybe even begin) our spiritual journey. Kicking a ball around in a dream signifies our need for self-control, but also our control of external circumstances. To dream of being kicked highlights a propensity to be a victim. Aggressiveness can be represented in many ways, and to dream of kicking someone often allows the expression of aggression in an acceptable way. There will be some anxiety in everyday life that cannot be properly expressed. Being kicked in a dream may reveal a feeling of being bullied or made to react to situations that are not to our liking. For many men, ball games such as football or rugby are simply a release of tension and will appear as such in dreams. For women, any action of kicking will be more to do with her own aggression. Consult the entries for Games and Sport for further clarification.