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Interpretation of dream: Key

A key can represent our need for liberation from a stressful situation and then the initiation of a positive spiritual move. Silver and gold keys represent respectively temporal and spiritual power. These keys crossed are part of the Papal regalia and signify belonging to both realms. We hold within us many of the answers to our own difficulties, but often in dreams need a down-to-earth, mundane symbol to trigger off our ability to work out solutions. When we experience ourselves as trapped, the key to freedom symbolizing what action we must take can often appear as if by magic. The image of a simple key can indicate that the solution is easy. An ornate key can suggest a more complex solution. When we cannot find a key in dreams we may have to wait until the time is right or circumstances are working in our favour. Keys often appear in dreams. They represent fresh attitudes, thoughts and feelings which are capable of unlocking memories, experiences and knowledge which we have previously hidden. If we can decide which way we turn the key, we can decide whether we are locking things up or freeing them. A bunch of keys signify responsibilities and success and the need to open up the whole of our personalities to new experiences. In a woman's dream a key can suggest that her own assertiveness needs to be sensitively used. A man may need to understand the ?mechanism? of his assertiveness and how to use it without force. Consult the entries for Keyhole, Lock and Prison for further information.