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Interpretation of dream: Kettle

A kettle, being a hollow vessel, can symbolize magic and magical forces working for the Greater Good, and can have the same significance as a cauldron. It is often taken to symbolize transformation and change. A kettle just coming to the boil suggests that a plan or project is about to come to fruition. To dream of a kettle in this context suggests that we need to accelerate a process of learning and growth. Because a kettle is such a mundane, everyday object, to dream of one indicates our more practical, pragmatic side. Perhaps we are taking certain things for granted. If the kettle is unusual such as an old fashioned copper kettle it denotes outworn, but still appreciated, beliefs. As a cooking utensil, a kettle combines the power of fire and water to create usable nourishment. In a woman's dream a broken kettle, or one with a hole in it, can signify a perhaps temporary loss of energy or power. In a man's dream a kettle may denote aspects of interdependency within his relationships a kettle is no use without fire or power. You might also like to consult the entry for Cauldron and Magic/Magician.