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Interpretation of dream: Keepsake

A keepsake in the spiritual sense is an object which, because of the high regard the owner has for it, is sacred. It will probably have been blessed in some way and when it appears in dreams highlights its sacred nature. Romantic memories loom large in dream imagery. To dream of something that is very precious to us, has been given by someone else inrecognition of their regard for us, or signifies a relationship which stands the test of time, allows us to appreciate and understand the beauty we hold within. A keepsake in olden times was something which was often exchanged by lovers. To be conscious of having such an object in a dream signifies our ability to love and be loved. Any object that links with the past reminds us of what we have been capable of doing or being, and can take us back to perhaps happier times. You might like to consult the entries for Camelot and Jewellery.